Thursday, December 9, 2010

Wendy - Day Whatever

I haz posting privlidges - Yay Me!

From 12/7 at 9:30am:

So, I'm sitting here with a head full of curlers. Why? Because today, I'm doing my hair. Good for me. Now, whether it looks good will be determined later. But it's a step forward, right?

Scale said 246.4 this morning. WOOT!!!!! I need to lose some serious poundage before the hubs and I go to Orlando in January. This is the first time in my life that I've ever been worried about being able to comfortably ride rides. That scares the hell out of me. Usually, I shy away from certain roller coasters, because I have a weak stomach and the big drops are scary to me. But if I'm being reckless, then I need to lose the weight and have NO excuses for not stepping out of my comfort zone and taking the plunge (so to speak).

Flashforward to TODAY, 12/9:

My hair looked good. I'll have to curl it more often. :-) I've got a hair appointment set for the end of the month at Aveda so that I have an even better chance of having good looking hair. The cut is just awful right now!!

A note about pants: When you have long legs and a short waist, every pair is "high-water." I sure am sick of that!!! The pants I'm wearing today are particularly bad. *sigh* So, after the holidays, I'm going shopping. I may need my friends with me for moral support. I'm also thinking about making myself some clothes. Then I could customize them abnd they would be a bit cheaper than buying everything new at the store (especially since I'm hoping to lose 100lbs!)

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