Monday, December 6, 2010

I’m not freaking counting the days anymore

I think the most reckless thing I might do today is drive into work. I went to the football game yesterday, and sitting in freezing temps for hours is always a great idea when you're sick. I met up with the ex (since he had the tickets) at his place and we just sat around drinking a couple of beers before his friends finally showed up at like 12:30. Bummer because I really like tailgating. We stopped at his bar (his bar as in where he is a regular, not where he owns the place) and had a drink before heading to the stadium. It only snowed about the whole time we were there. Had a couple of more beers there, and one of the vendors sold me 2 beers for a total of $9 so I scored there. I'm pretty sure he accidentally rang them up as sodas but I sure wasn't going to complain! Anyway, the boys left the game earlier than we did, so we told them we'd just meet them back at the bar. Had another couple of drinks and flirted with a cute guy who happens to also be a regular there. Sadly, not much to be done about that in front of the ex though.

I weighed in this morning at 178. Whoops, bet it was the pizza and the beer and the super delicious French fries. But you have to have a day off every once in a while so I'll just work on getting back on track this week. Speaking of super delicious French fries, I may never get to have them again. I left my number for the cute bartender there who always remembers me and give me free drinks and discounts. I had instigators on that so I've decided if I don't get a phone call that the two of them are going to have to deliver the world's most delicious French fries to me whenever I want them.

I have a feeling this post is going to be badly written and discombobulated. After the game, some food and an hour nap I went to be about 8 pm. And I laid in bed, sleepy but not sleeping, until 1 when I finally decided I was hungry and went downstairs to eat an apple. I decided that the coughing was what was keeping me up so I took some mucinex and drank a glass of water and put on my sleep mask and finally fell asleep about 2. Four and a half hours later my alarm went off. So sick being sick on no sleep makes me really stupid. In fact, I packed up a gym bag for after work (really? I'm going to go to the gym like this? Seriously) and brought into work when I got here. No idea why I felt I needed it at my desk but whatever.

PICTURES! I know, but there's no good way for me to get them into blog posts from work. Unless I send the picture straight to flickr from my phone, I can't upload crap with the bandwidth they have here. Will need to blog more from home.


  1. Instigators??? More like helpful encouragement on your path to recklessness . . .

    And if he doesn't call, we go back and LOUDLY talk about all of the men in your life. And we eat fries without shame. Now, THAT'S reckless.

  2. It would be more beneficial to talk about the men in my life without bringing up crosses, fraternity nicknames, fraternity letters, or crosses!

  3. Wendy - Day Whatever
    (I'll repost this as soon as I have access)

    So, I'm sitting here with a head full of curlers. Why? Because today, I'm doing my hair. Good for me. Now, whether it looks good will be determined later. But it's a step forward, right?

    Scale said 246.4 this morning. WOOT!!!!! I need to lose some serious poundage before the hubs and I go to Orlando in January. This is the first time in my life that I've ever been worried about being able to comfortably ride rides. That scares the hell out of me. Usually, I shy away from certain roller coasters, because I have a weak stomach and the big drops are scary to me. But if I'm being reckless, then I need to lose the weight and have NO excuses for not stepping out of my comfort zone and taking the plunge (so to speak).

  4. I think I would be more motivated to do my hair if I could do it at 10 am! The problem is, I'm usually at work at 7:30 and it's a 25 min or so drive. So mine is in the signature bun behind my right ear style.

    Yay on 4 lbs though! That's a good start!