Friday, December 10, 2010

Still here

So the blog's been a little quiet the last couple of days. I've noticed it's harder to be reckless during the week when you work the normal 9-5 (or 7:30 – 4 as I do). Still flirting with the guy on the floor, need to exercise those muscles. Not that I'm not a huge flirt, I'm just not a very good intentional flirter. And now that he's flirting back I think I've got it down. It's harmless though, I don't get with married men and I don't wreck marriages. I once had a married man tell me he would leave his wife for me, I said absolutely not. First, we didn't have a relationship to start with so who knows if we were even compatible. Second, I can't take that kind of pressure. I mean, it's a lot of pressure on your relationship knowing that someone left a marriage for it. Third, I don't want the other person to have that trump card. You know, when you're arguing or having a disagreement and someone throws out "well, I left my wife(husband) for you!" as a sort of argument to end all arguments. No, if you are unhappy in your marriage, do something about that. Don't use me as an excuse.

As I was leaving for a holiday party last night one of the boys was teasing me, taking on the parenting role, asking if there "was going to be any boys there?" Sadly, except for the wait staff there was none. And yes, I love hanging out with the girls but I need to remember to also do more things that are less segregated as well. Not a huge moment of revelation but something to keep in mind.

Well, I'm taking a half day today to go get my hair done, bake some cookies and make an appetizer for another holiday party (no, there won't be any boys there either!) It's nice to have an afternoon off every once in a while. I need to remember that as well.

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