Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Welcome to the 30 pounds and reckless blog. Let me tell you a little about our start.
I've recently come out a relationship thinking a bit about myself. I'm tired of being boring. Since college, and especially my 30's, the pounds have been creeping on and I've become more and more predictable. I carry my weight, and my life, my mortgage, my boring job, and I need to break out. I need to regain my youth. So (after viewing the Victoria's Secret fashion show, cleverly designed to make all the women in the US completely self-conscious about their own self) I decided something needed to change. So I decided I would lose 30 pounds and become a little more reckless.
Now some would say to become more reckless is a bad idea. In fact, my original idea included the phrase "make some bad decisions". They would say it's irresponsible and bound to destroy my life. I disagree. It's not about destroying life, but discovering it. It's about recognizing who I am and venturing outside my comfort zone. It's about shirking the idea of myself and becoming myself. It's about determining my limitations based on what they actually are and not what I think they might be.
I have a group of friends I can say anything to. I imagined that when I presented this idea to them they may laugh along and think it was a great big joke. But they didn't. They wanted to join me in my quest of sorts. The pounds may vary and the amount of recklessness may vary, but they all wanted the same thing I did. To go back to where they were and make a few reckless decisions. It kind of seems like it might be a do-over of sorts, but a do-over starting where we are now and not where we were then. The idea is highly liberating.
So here's my vow. I will no longer date guys who merely look good on paper. I will date guys who don't initially fit in the picture of who I should be with in my head. I will smile more at people in public, and maybe exchange a few words with them. I'll let my friends and family set me up every once in a while. I will take more road trips. I will say yes when the more appealing option is to stay home and knit on the couch. I will do my hair and makeup more often, and I will buy more sexy clothes (anyone want to go shopping????). I will recognize that how I am perceived is not necessarily who I am. I will order baked potatoes with salsa instead of french fries.
I'm sure I'll come up with more as I go along. This is a journey, so I can't really come up with a complete route before I actually embark. I hope you'll join me.

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