Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Not much recklessness going on here

The weather is blah and so am I. I managed to at least put on SOME clothes before I left the house, only because I knew it was freezing cold outside. Sat in traffic in the dark to come in.

Why is it when I wake up at 3 am it takes me a half hour or so to fall back asleep but when the alarm goes off at 6:30 I can consistently fall back asleep before my 5 minute snooze goes off again? Horseshit I say.

Not much to update today but I'm doing it anyway because I'm pretty bored at work. I got a mention on my flirting with the cute guy on the floor. For some reason my boss thinks it's the guys on the floor that hold me up, not the other way around. Fine with me that he thinks that! I have realized I'm pretty lucky in life. Basically, I'm not that good of a girl, I just rarely get caught.

I did step on the scale this morning and I'm at the same spot as yesterday. I think once I kick this stupid cold and get rid of the 3 lbs of concrete in my sinuses that will help. I didn't make it to the gym yesterday (I felt wrecked) but I still have stuff in the car to go today. I'll probably just bake some chicken and taters for dinner tonight.

Oh, and watch the Sing Off. I watched it last year and it was awesome, and I'm so glad they did a second season. Yay!

Oh, and one more thing to add. Another reason to be reckless: I went and picked up my BCP last night, and it was a 3 month supply for free! Love it!

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