Friday, December 3, 2010

Day 2!

Well, day one was pretty good as far as being reckless is concerned. I also weighed in at 177.2 today woot! I met up with the most recent ex or a drink under the pretense of getting my stuff back. Yeah, he didn't even bring my things, he said it was because he hadn't washed them yet. Stalling tactic on his part maybe? Who knows. I did something a little reckless though. After I made him walk me to my car (it was only a block away and I was in downtown at 11pm) we kind of sort of maybe kissed a little bit. IDK what that means, maybe a couple of drinks clouds my judgment (ok, it definitely does) but all I know is that my feelings haven't changed. And as far as I'm concerned I'm not interested in getting back together or anything at this point.

I did fail at my other vow though, I didn't take my camera with me, which was too bad, because Johnny Gomes was there at McCormick's being eaten alive by a bachelorette party from Mason. On a side note, if any of my friends thinks that having a bachelorette party for me on a Thursday night in downtown Cincinnati is a good idea, we may not be friends anymore. Anyway, McCormick's is right across from Fountain Square and it looked so pretty with the tree and the ice rink and the lights I wished I could have taken a picture. I might be able to find my way back there sometime soon and snap one though. Rest assured, I do have my camera fully charged and ready to go now, which isn't much because I'm at work.

I'm also thinking I might break another vow tonight. I have a head cold and the boys are just going to their friend's apartment to drink. Shockingly enough now that I've hit my 30's I have no interest in going to some tiny apartment in Clifton to drink too much cheap beer with a bunch of 23 year olds, so I'm thinking I might just stay on the couch and knit. I know, I specifically said I would not do this so much but the other option is not so much reckless as it is just flat unappealing. The funny thing today, I went to the dermatologist and had them remove a mole on my neck (just because it was annoying, not because it looked bad or anything) and the nurse was giving me instructions on how to care for the area. She said not to get it wet for 24 hours but "you probably will because you'll probably get dressed up to go out tonight. You look like that type." I'm not sure if this was an insult or not but I'm taking it as a compliment, because I look like someone who has fun at least. I think it's the eyeliner. But if anyone has another more appealing option for me to get into tonight let me know, because I'm not dead set yet! I don't want to stay out super late and get slizzered because I want to get some stuff done tomorrow though. Buying tons of liquor as Christmas gifts at the Party Source is pretty high on that list, I don't know if I can accomplish that if I'm too hungover!!


  1. I think slizzered is my new favorite word....

  2. Slizzered is totally the best . . . especially if you're feeling fly like a G6.

    Yesterday and today I got subs for lunch instead of my usual greasy burger/pizza/chicken fingers. It's a small step, but a good one. I also had water to drink instead of soda. I think instead of being reckless with my body, I'll learn to be reckless about my comfort zone :-)

    Also, Emily, we are SO getting tattoos at some point . . . and maybe a piercing. And I might dye my hair pink.