Sunday, May 1, 2011

Wendy - Seriously?! What the hell?!

I haven't posted since January?! Well, let's be honest, I hadn't been trying all that hard to losing the pounds. And I wasn't being all that reckless either . . .

. . . unless you count derby. Even though I'm an official and not yet a skater, it has still be quite out of my comfort zone to put myself out there. I had my picture taken for the website this weekend and I'm so worried that I'll hate them when I see them. I'm just so heavy right now. But I could have declined to have my picture taken. I had a good excuse to get out of it and instead, I went out of my way to make sure that picture got taken.

For weight loss, I decided to go ahead and start weight watchers. I'm not going to meetings, but a friend of mine got me a point calculator and let me borrow her starter materials for awhile. I've been doing this for almost two weeks. In the first week I lost 6 pounds. I've had a few eating set backs this week, but I've managed to stay within my points range, so I'm hopeful for another loss. I'll be weighing myself every Wednesday. I've set up a system of rewards for myself (including lots of mani/pedis because I can get them SOOOO cheaply from the students in the cosmo department at work). My cousin is getting married in 6 weeks. I'm hoping to lose a good chunk of weight before then.

I had a rather weight loss motivating experience at work (although not really in a good way). On my desk is a picture of my husband and I from almost 7 years ago. I was about 70-80lbs lighter at the time. Anyway, the IT guy in my building came into my office to upgrade some software on my computer. He saw the picture and said, "Is that your sister?" because he clearly recognized that it looked like me, but assumed that it wasn't me. Ouch.

It's definitely time for a change.

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