Monday, January 3, 2011

Hello there, again

Ok, I know I haven't blogged in a while. And no, I've realized it's not because I'm lazy (though I totally am). It's because I've really kind of been failing on the 30 lbs and reckless thing. Well, except for the baked potato thing. I have been forgoing my fries for baked potatoes. That's it.

180.4 on the scale this morning. I got a kindle for Christmas and I've downloaded a few books to get my started and I've taken it to the gym a few times and I LURVE it on the elliptical. I can now use my arms and I feel like I'm getting a whole lot more out of it. It's also awesome for my knitting patterns. I just knit a complete Damask Shawl off the thing and it worked wonderfully. It's blocking as we speak, I should be able to get some pics of it soon. I say should instead of will because I'm lazy, remember?

Now the only thing I'm missing for the gym is my iPod. We threw a completely reckless party on New Year's Eve and invited a ton of people, who in turn also invited a few people. We got a case of champagne and cooked up loads of yummy food. Hanky Panks, baked brie, Mexican layer dip, Guac, Skyline dip, Lil' Smokies, and trays of cookies and candies. We set the TV on Dick Clark's NYE, turned an iPod on in the kitchen and set up another iPod in the basement with some beer pong. We passed out mass champagne at midnight and soon after I was situated on the front porch with a glass of champagne and a cigarette in one hand, lighting fireworks and throwing them in the front lawn with the other. The party had dwindled by 4 am and I set up whomever was left with blankets and pillows in various rooms of the house. When I woke up at 12:30ish nothing was left but the mess. I baked up some breakfast casserole and we watched movies on HBO until we felt motivated enough to tackle the mess. The house is back to clean again and the only casualties we found were my extra sheets and comforter that were thrown up on (I am too old for dealing with that crap) and one of my champagne glasses. Or so we thought. I went down yesterday to retrieve my iPod in the basement to head to the gym and it wasn't there. I searched the house, thinking maybe I put it somewhere else and didn't remember but I couldn't find it in any of the normal places I leave it. I figured if it disappeared it was one of Andy's friend's friends who were pretty douchey and spent almost the whole night playing beer pong in the basement. I friended that friend on facebook and then set my status to "My iPod disappeared on New Years. If anyone knows what happened to it I'd really like it back". Well, lo and behold the friend in question immediately emailed me asking what it looked like, and said he'd check with his friends to see if he could track it down. An hour or so later my brother talked with him on the phone. Apparently, one of his friends decided it would be "funny" to steal my iPod and destroy it. I had to put "funny" in quotes because no one else really agreed with that assessment. The guy, Jim, didn't even fess up, one of the other friends called him out. Anyway, Andy's friend insisted that Jim replace my iPod and said he would order a new one and it would be delivered to me. Now here's the actual funny part – my iPod was pretty much top of the line. It's the most expensive classic that you can buy – 160 gb. Basically a $250 mistake. I'm just glad I found out what happened to it and that it's going to be replaced. But it really makes me sad that someone would do that. I mean, I cleaned, I cooked, the boys bought alcohol, and we invited people into our home, and this is what we get? Next year, those asshats can fuck off and spend NYE spending way too much in a shitty bar.

So now it's time to get back on track. No more regressing either in the weight department or the relationship department. Oh yeah, the most recent ex texted me that he bought me a Christmas present. I did not get him one and in fact, I haven't even spoken to him since he said that, which was more than a week ago at this point. I don't even care to receive it. I do still want my yoga pants back though…

Oh, and on a funny side note, I came into work the week after Christmas and found a small wrapped package on my desk with no indication as to who it was from. Inside was a small scented votive candle. I hate anonymous gifts. It just makes you feel weird because you're pretty sure that if the gift was to include romantic overtones that you're probably not going to be reciprocating those feelings. Luckily, I found out later that a couple of other women got them too and that they were most likely from one of the girls here. Thank god, because I can totally see one of the guys on the floor doing something like that. They're all just a little awkward when it comes to women!

So I did manage to go back and get yummy fries. Luckily the bartender I left my number for wasn't there so weirdness was avoided. However, the girl that waited on us gave me the same discount the guy gives me. Hummm, maybe I look bi? I doubt it though!

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