Thursday, January 20, 2011

It’s a slow go…

I realized I really wasn't doing much in this whole "weight loss thing". Simply swapping my fries for a baked potato and still scarfing down a sandwich covered in cheese, mayo, bacon and some sort of creamy sauce isn't going to do much. So I pulled out my weight watchers cookbook I bought a few years ago and have never actually cooked out of and gave it a whirl. The black bean soup I whipped up was tasty, but could use more heat. The apple crumble I made fell short. The apples were yummy, but the topping sucked. I'm not entirely sure I put the right ingredients in but I don't know that I'm going to try to next time. I know I subbed cinnamon for the cardamom because that shit's damn expensive, but the flavor really wasn't the issue here. The scale hasn't moved much but I feel skinnier so we're going to go with that. It took some time for me to put on this weight and now it's going to take some time to get it off.

I wish it was summer. I have so much more fun in the summer. Winter sucks. They don't plow my street like, at all, so I end up wearing the same pair of ugg knock offs everywhere. I want to wear some cute fucking shoes damn it! Plus with the weather I'm just so unmotivated to go out and do anything. I just want to stay at home, catch up on Mad Men, and drink some hot chocolate rumplemintz. I do have a bottle now, though I had to buy it myself. The ex said he was going to buy me a bottle because he polished off my last one by sneaking into the kitchen every once in a while and drinking it straight out of the bottle. Hey, missed that warning sign. He did buy me a new one but then ended up drinking almost the whole bottle the day we went to the football game and he left me there at the stadium by myself. Hey, it was still the 3rd quarter and although the Bengals were winning there was plenty of time left for them to fuck that up. Funny how those red flag because so much more apparent in hindsight huh?

As for being more reckless I did sign up for online dating since I've entered my hermit phase. I was going to meet up with some guy until he first started calling me a floozy and then referred to me as being easy and that I "needed to wash my mouth before I tried to kiss him." I decided to back out of that one (shocker) and when he figured out why he said just as well, because I probably didn't get his "sense of humor". You'll see I've put it in quotes. My sense of humor is based on making funny, ironic, or sarcastic statements. I have no idea what his sense of humor was based on, because it sure wasn't being funny. And people wonder why I'm single. There are a couple of others but I'm really not all that enthralled with any of them, and that's probably just as well. It may be cynical of me but those you get excited about are usually a huge let-down in person.

Have I ever mentioned I hate the snow? It's hammering us now and I actually have plans to go out and do shit! Snow, please stop, I want to go to happy hour at Embers and dinner at Hofbrauhaus! AND WEAR CUTE FUCKING SHOES! How long is it until spring?

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